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This web site uses cookies, collects anonymous information about how you interact with it, and may request personal information from you to provide the best possible service both for using the web site and accessing our dance studios and classes. How we use cookies and any information we collect is described in our policies.

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Our web site uses Cookies, which are small files stored on your computer, both to ensure your visit to our web site is as intuitive as possible and to see how people use the site. No personally identifiable information is stored in these files. In addition we may make use of 3rd party analysis tools, such as Google Analytics to monitor and improve your web site experience.

Personal Information

All information you enter, such as on class registration forms, is entered entirely at your own discretion. The web sites are secured (look for the green padlock), so no information can be captured between your computer and our servers. All information you enter is stored on a secured server with normal industry protections, and is only used to provide you with the service you're registering for. We never sell your data or share it to a third party for any reason without your consent.


No payment details are taken through this web site. When you're ready to pay a bill accessed through your account page, you will be redirected automatically to our Payment Processor's web site to enter your bank/card details, and redirected back once authorization has been completed. Colours of Dance and Atten.dance do not store any of this information - only what bills you've successfully paid for and what's outstanding on your account.


We are registered with the ICO and handle all information compliant with GDPR.

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Please use the Contact Us page to submit any questions or complaints you have.