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Correspondence and Registered Address:
Colours of Dance
2000px-instagram-logo-2016.svg.pngfacebook.jpgtwitter.png182 Histon Road,

Phone: 01223 778268   Mobile:   07444 452924                                                                                                                                            Follow us on Social Media!

Classes are also held at various locations around Cambridge. Please see the class timetable for more information.

Mobile Phone Number: 07444 452924         

Please store this number in your phones (or wherever you keep this sort of information!) and use it when:

1. You are stuck in traffic and will be late, or won’t make it at all
2. You collect a child from school that day because they are poorly and you won’t be bringing them to class
3. You are delayed for pick up at the end of class and want us to hold onto your child safely until you get here

We will use it to text or call you in the event of an emergency or a sudden cancellation of class - so by storing this number, you know who the call/text is from.

By Email:  Contact us by filling in the form below:  If you have any problems with this form, please use the phone numbers above.