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Practising - it's always a good thing!  sugar.jpg

We recommend that all our students practice at home a little every week.  All learning benefits from being re-inforced by self-driven reflection and repetition, and as you would if you were learning a musical instrument, you will become a better dancer and develop your skills more securely if you practice between class.  Practise can take many forms - impetuous improvisation inspired by a great piece of music, focused repetition of a new exercise, strength or stretching exercises etc.  Practise is sometimes hard to transition into at home, but we find that once begun it's always fun and beneficial.  Here are some things you could try:

Colours of Dance Student Portal

Every student at Colours of Dance has access to our student portal, which their teachers use to place helpful videos, guides and links to support their lesson plans.  The items in the student portal will change from time to time and will be placed there for the time the teacher wants the student to have access to the resources.  Please note that the materials in the student portal will only be visible to those who have paid their bills.

RAD App - Practise at home and on the go!

If you are thinking of practising your RAD ballet at home (which we hope you are!) we suggest downloading the RAD app which is a fantastic little tool.   It includes all of the syllabus work for each grade so there really is no excuse not to practise!   Ideally students will purchase and download each syllabus as they enter the grade, thus ensureing that they derive maximum benefit, and are able to follow up using the video as an aid as they develop their skills.

Rent or YouTube Dance Movies

Being mindful that there is all sorts of quality available, YouTube is a fantastic resourse for finding inspiring clips of dance, and introducing dance movies.  You can watch classes from professional companies, or see clips from productions.  Watching dance of any style, whether you learn it or not is always food for the soul and inspires you to get up and have a go!

Many companies also now stream their material online - and this access seems to be here to stay.  So there is much more opportunity for students of dance and theirt families to access wonderful quality dance shows from the safety of their own home - and at considerably less cost.    Please look up dance companies and see what material they have available online - it's wonderful soul food!