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Second hand uniform

Colours of Dance recognises that the costs of specialist pracise wear can add up, and also that some items, particularly dance shoes, wear very well indeed and are still often in very good condition after your child has grown out of them!   So we offer to take in second hand items and pass them along to other parents so it's economical and convenient.

How it works is this: 

  1. If you need an item of uniform: please email or phone or ask in the office and we will look and see what is 'in the cupbard'.
  2. If you have an item to sell on: please have a tag(piece of paper) with your name and how much you would like to receive for the item, with each clean item.  Colours of Dance does not take a 'cut' - you will receive the money when the item sells, sent back to you in your basket.


If you are a current student:

  • Current uniform size being replaced (i.e. if your current leotard is a size 1 and you need a larger size we know you need a '2'),
  • The size of their current dance shoe

If you are a new student:

  • Your child's age - and the age of clothes they normally wear if different
  • Your child's shoe size 
  • Adults: normal shoe size and clothing size

Please note that we do not accept items into the second hand cupboard that are not part of our uniform, as we are not a shop/general re-seller!  We just run this system on goodwill, because it helps our students and parents.