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primary-flying-line.jpgColours of Dance was established in Cambridge in 2010 by Imogen Knight, who initially offered ballet, tap and modern classes in Fulbourn and Great Wilbraham.  Miss Imogen went on to settle the school into a 'home' of Cambridge Dance  Studios in 2012.  Joined now by nine other teachers, (see Teachers - Bios), Colours of Dance offers classes for all ages and abilities in Ballet, Tap,  Streetdance,  Modern & Contemporary, as well as Pilates (see Classes - By Type).  We are very proud of our growing school, of the joy in the room at show time, of the results our students achieve in exams, and of our growing band of talented alumni who have gone onto vocational training at some of the foremost dance schools in the country.

Colours of Dance is deeply committed to keeping up an outreach programme from the Studios, and as part of this, we work closely with several local schools, assisting with their own provision of dance classes & clubs, as well as running classes from their premises.  

The Cambridge Dance Studiostudio-1-rev.jpgs have proper dance floors and full-length mirrors, and provide a professional-standard dance environment for all our students - every week! Through the recruitment of and cooperation with other teaching and dance professionals, we have developed a busy and friendly dance community.

At Colours of Dance, we love teaching dance to all ages, from 2 through to adult. We believe that all dance classes should be taught safely by qualified, inspiring, dedicated and experienced professionals who work together as a team to nurture, support and develop all our students, so that our classes are appropriately challenging, fun and creative. We love working with students who come once a week equally as much as those who would like to come more often and perhaps work towards exams or a career in dance.  Led by our Principal, we also nurture young or aspiring teachers, supporting and mentoring them while they undertake training to achieve national qualifications and teacher registration.  

If you have any queries or you don’t see a class suitable for you or your child, then please do get in touch anyway, as there may be something in the pipeline, or a suitable alternative. 

To register for an existing class, or to try a class* please select a class.  Private tuition - if you would like special coaching, please contact us.  Picture format of the Spring Term Timetable

rt-social-media4.jpg Our Ethos:
- Treating every teacher, student and parent with respect and as an individual
- Building our students as dancers, and ourselves as teachers,  
- We are teachers, mentors, friends, confidants, and aim to be an inspiration
- Exhibiting and instilling passion for dancing
- Be inclusive to all backgrounds, body shapes, dance styles, abilities and ambitions




We will:

  • Ensure every teacher working at Colours of Dance is properly qualified with suitable experience
  • Work together as teachers to maintain a high across-school standard
  • Prepare every lesson and choreography to the school’s high standards, and within the reach of every student in the class
  • Ensure every student in a class develops individually and as part of the group, and enjoys every aspect of learning with Colours of Dance
  • Work with the students to meet their ambition and learning style, even if that means putting them in touch with another teacher or school
  • Review each student and provide our expert, qualified recommendation for progression to the student or their parents
  • Be honest, even if this means discussing something uncomfortable or giving potentially disappointing feedback.  We will always have reasons for our decisions or recomendations and be happy to discuss them with you
  • Be open: to feedback (given and received respectfully), open to new ideas (spontaneous or stimulated), open to change (in ideas and practise), open to transformation (of thinking, of skill), open to growth (in mindset, in skill, in age, in wisdom), open to hard work.

We trust that you will:ISTD Registered Member Logo

  • Turn up on time, or call ahead to say you’ll be late or absent, so that the teacher can plan for the class
  • Wear uniform and hair as prescribed by the class, so that the teacher can correctly see body shapes and positions in order to speed ability and prevent injury
  • Be courteous to the teachers and staff, and honour communicated payments and deadlines
  • Talk to us about any commitment you're not able to meet ahead of time
  • Let us know first if you feel we've let you down.

To read about this ethos in full, click here: cod-ethos-and-ethics.pdf


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