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Current Fee Structure

All Colours of Dance classes are priced termly and discounts are automatically offered if the fees are paid before the first day of each term.  Discounts increase the more classes you do and are applicable to a family rather than an individual. Some adult classes may be paid for by Pay Ahead Card and these are calculated at a slightly higher rate on the basis that some people won't be there every week, but the teacher & resources always will be!  

Colours of Dance is deeply committed to its pupils.   When financial or other circumstances change for a student, we try to support however we can.  We actively contribute to a Community Fund every year and use this to help our students maintain their access to lessons or uniform, if their circumstances change, as we can contribute to  reduced or fully funded places in class for a while when needed.  Most of this fund is set aside by the Principal, from proceeds during the year and from the annual performances, but we are also generously supported by parents who contribute through donations or sales of their second hand uniform. We are incredibly proud that our community functions this way and that we help each other when times are tough.  This is informally, but transparently managed, with the Principal & teachers acting as informal trustees to ensure that funds are allocated where needed and we can help those throughout the school when needed.  This help is available to students whose circumstances change after they have been attending class - we are not able to offer  support as an 'incentive' to new students.  To find out more, please ask and we'll be happy to talk to you.

Blackpool - 2Giving Notice

Once you have registered for a class, you will remain a registered pupil until you give notice.  If you move up a level, or change to a different class, you do not need to re-register - we will manage all of that for you once you have discussed with your teacher what you would like to do.   If you wish to give notice, then we ask that you give us at least a month's notice in writing, so that we can plan the class for the next term and also offer another student on a waiting list the opportunity to have that place.  If you do not give notice, you may be charged half a term's fees in lieu.

Term Fees 2021-22:

This year, the Autumn Term is 12 weeks long, the Spring Term is 10 weeks long and the Summer Term is 10 weeks long.  Fees are calculated accordingly.

1 1/2 hr class = Term Fee £51.25 (Autumn) £137.50 (Spring & Summer)

1 1/4 hr class = £138 (Autumn) £115 (Spring & Summer) 

1 hr class = £101.20 (Autumn) £92 (Spring & Summer) 

45m class = £78.65 (Autumn) £71.50 (Spring & Summer)

30m class = £56.65 (Autumn) £51.50 (Spring & Summer)

Family Discounts are applicable on all fees paid by the start of term and are calculated automatically into your basket as follows:

2 classes or more/wk: 5%  -- 3 classes or more/wk: 10%  --  4 classes or more/wk: 15%

For students attending only 1 class per week per family, you will receive a small early-bird discount.

For classes held at the Colours of Dance Studios but managed by the teachers or other organisations, please apply for this information from them directly.

Pay Ahead Cards 2018-19 - For use in Adult classes only and not available during Covid-19

*Please note that Pay Ahead Cards are currently suspended during Covid timetabling arrangements*  Blackpool - 1

We look forward to their return in the furure.  If you have a pay ahead card with an unused balance on it, please contact us.

Pay Ahead cards may be purchased in one of four levels - the more hours you buy at once, the greater the saving, although a term fee remains the most cost effective if you plan to be in your class every week.   

A Pay Ahead Card is relevent to a genre, so if, for example, you wanted to attend one Pilates and one Ballet class alternating accross the term, then you'd need to purchase 2 pay ahead cards with your chosen number of hours, one for Pilates and one for Ballet.  At class, you just present this to your teacher and they will sign off that week.

4 Hours: £45  Valid for 2 months

6 Hours:  £66  Valid for 3 months

8 Hours:  £84  Valid for 6 months

10 Hours:  £99  Valid for 6 months