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Ttap-shoes.jpgap - Tiny Tots Tap to Grade 4

All: CoD 3/4 length t-shirt & long black jazz trousers, black socks, black tap shoes

Tap - Grades 5 to IntermediateCoD 3/4 Sleeve T-shirt

All - NEW Royal Blue CoD T-shirt* & plain black jazz trousers, black socks, black tap shoes

* Please note that for normal classes, any style of CoD t-shirt is acceptable , but for exams, the uniform style t-shirt described here will be required.

** In excessively hot weather, students may wear black leggings or shorts in place of the tap trousers



All adults must wear appropriate footwear i.e. tap shoes. Adults are not required to wear 'uniform' but should be in suitable clothing, which is stretchy, comfortable and which allows the teacher to see the body clearly - i.e. no jeans and big sweaters! Hair should be tied back and off the face. The Jazz trousers specified in the uniform for the grades are really comfortable and suitable, and they wash and wear well, so if in doubt, get some of those!