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Uniform - Ballroom & Latin'Children's Strictly' - Ballroom & Latin ballroom-shoes-girls.jpg

Girls Under 12: Red long sleeved leotard and separate short circular red skirt, white socks and silver low-heel ballroom shoes (under 12).   The red leotard & skirt can be found on Dancewear Central website.   We have some second hand all in one dresses from out previous style which may also be worn.img-0025.jpg

Girls 12 and above: Red long sleeved leotard and separate knee length circular red skirt, natural tights, Cuban heel ballroom shoes in tan or black leather ( 12 and over).  The leotard is available via Dancewear Central.  The skirt is made to order, so you need to tell us you want one.  We have some second hand dresses from our previous style, which are also suitable.

Boys - White dance shirt suit or Plain white fitted T-shirt, black dance trousers, black socks & canvas or leather character/ballroom shoes