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Teacher Bio - Imogen Knight

Imogen Knight

Imogen Knight



Imogen Knight is a classical ballet, modern & tap dance teacher. Trained at Northern Ballet School in Manchester UK, she holds Diplomas in the Teaching of Dance, is a registered teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance and is an Associate of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance. 'Miss Imogen' continues to learn and to be curious about dance & education, attending courses & classes throughout the year as part of her Continuing Professional Development.

Prior to establishing Colours of Dance in Cambridge in 2010, Imogen set up and taught an extra-curricular Dance Programme at the Taipei European School, offering ballet and modern dance. The Dance Programme continues to grow with a new teacher. Imogen was also involved in various other dance-related activities for the International Community in Taipei, such as teaching the Scottish Country Dance classes for the annual St Andrew's Ball and to the children and staff at the SOS Children's Village located just outside Taipei.

Imogen relocated to Taipei from Singapore, where she owned and ran a dance school. Her students in Singapore successfully passed RAD exams and took part in dance recitals & other performances. The school continues to flourish under its new owners.

Miss Imogen's approach is to teach correct technique and educate students about the art and style of the dance type they are studying in an appropriately disciplined class, whilst ensuring that learning dance is an enjoyable hobby for anybody who likes to dance.  At Colours of Dance, Miss Imogen has established a school founded on the principles of openness, respect, inclusion and hard work, which reflect her personal ethos.

In 2013, Imogen was thrilled to be asked to establish the role of Dance Coordinator for St Mary's School in Cambridge, working alongside staff to raise the profile of dance in the school as part of the successful education of the whole child.  With the growth of Colours of Dance, Miss Imogen stepped back from this role in 2017, after assisting in the recruitment of her successor.

In the wider dance community, Imogen was a member of the RAD Regional Panel for the East of England and Midlands region, serving a maximum 6 year term and in 2016, she was co-opted as a Trustee of the Royal Academy of Dance.  In 2020, along with other members of the profession, she co-founded Safer Dance, the Dance Schools Safeguarding Working Group, which aims to help dance schools ensure that all children are safe in dance.