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Intermediate Tap ISTD Syllabus run by Colours of Dance - Miss Holly at Cambridge Dance Studios Studio 4 on Thu at 6:45 PM

Suitable for students progressing from Grade 6 Tap, or advanced adult learners

Tap Dance

Children's Tap

Classes start from Tiny Tots Tap (ages 4-5) and students may progress through to Advanced, following the ISTD syllabus and exam structure. This is a style for those who want to explore rhythm and movement through the body whilst also focusing on mobility of the feet and ankles to create the different sounds. And you are encouraged to make a lot of noise!

During the Summer and Autumn Terms for those who are ready students can progress to the next grade by preparing for an exam. Examinations ensure that their sense of performance style and technique is progressing against the standards set by the ISTD. These exams are a fantastic opportunity for children to set a goal for themselves and then achieve it in a measurable way. Examinations will require attendance at additional special classes in the run up to the exam, and will be planned well in advance to allow time for preparing the application forms and booking an examiner. The exam day itself may be a weekday and absence requested from school.

We are proud to say that Colours of Dance students have an extremely high pass rate in Medal Tests and Exams.

Adult Tap

Beginners tap (L1)

This class is designed for adults who are new to tap, or who have less than 2 years of experience. If you have had a long break from tap dancing then this may also be a good class to get you back into it. In this class the teacher will explain each step clearly, developing exercises to work on rhythm, tone and technique throughout the term. You will learn a variety of new steps and the associated vocabulary, and be able to put steps together into short sequences. Videos of the steps will be made available to you via our online portal throughout the term.

Improvers tap (L2)

To join this class, you will need at least 1 or 2 years’ experience of tap dancing. You will be able to dance basic steps such as shuffles, tap-step, riffs and cramp rolls. Throughout each term steps will be developed and worked into short exercises or sequences, and you will learn to use more complex and interesting rhythms such as syncopation and cross accenting. If you’re not sure if this is the level for you, then you are welcome to attend a trial lesson, and the teacher will be able to tell you to which level you are best suited. If you’re an experienced tap dancer who has had a long break, then this may be a good class to get you back in the swing!

Advanced adult tap (Intermediate ISTD)

If you are an advanced adult tap dancer then we encourage you to join the Intermediate ISTD tap class. In this class you will explore a large variety of steps and styles, from short exercise drills, to performance sequences. To join this class you will need to be confident at learning new sequences, dancing elevated pick-ups on two feet or one foot, and have good turning skills. If you aren’t sure if this is the level for you, then please sign up for a trial class and the teacher can advise you afterwards.


Classes follow the RAD training methodology, building towards the presentation of a set age-appropriate syllabus at examination as a student progresses through the grades. Syllabus classes may be attended by children or adults, as there is no upper age limit to participation in class or examination.

Ballet classes are based around a series of exercises & dances, specifically designed to increase strength, posture, technique, musicality and performance. All classes are taught using imagination and a variety of musical styles, to encourage, energise and motivate every student irrespective of ability. The opportunity to participate in Examinations & Class Awards are offered to all students when they are considered ready, but are not mandatory for successful progression.

Entry ages for each class are approximately as follows, but will vary according to experience and aptitude and are decided by the Principal:

Children's Graded Examinations: Pre-Primary in Dance - 4 and a half to 5 years old Primary in Dance - 5 and a half to 6 years old Grade 1 - 6 and a half to 7 years old Grade 2 to Grade 4 - from 7 years old Grade 5 to Grade 8 - from 10 years old

Vocational Graded Examinations: (all from 11 yrs old) Intermediate Foundation Intermediate Advanced Foundation (not yet offered) Advanced 1 (not yet offered) Advanced 2 (not yet offered)

Other Graded Examinations: Discovering Repertoire - Level 2 Discovering Repertoire - Level 3 Discovering Repertoire - Level 4 (not yet offered)

We are proud to say that Colours of Dance students have an extremely high pass rate in Ballet Exams. We hold regular exam sessions held at our own studios in the Autumn Term and the Summer Term. Entry for examination is determined by the teacher in consultation with the Principal, several months in advance, so as to be able to plan exam preparation lessons and adhere to the entry deadlines set by the RAD for each session. If you have any questions about exams, please do ask them at any time.

We also offer many non-syllabus ballet classes suitable for anyone wishing to develop ballet skills.

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