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Street Dance Level 3: (from age 12) run by Colours of Dance - Miss Jodie at Cambridge Dance Studios Studio 3 on Thu at 7:00 PM

Suitability for this class is arranged in consultation with the teacher and both age and ability/skill level will be part of settling a student into the appropriate level.

Street Dance

Classes start at age 4, this is a highly popular dance style. Classes strive towards unity and clarity of movement from individuals during routines but also as a whole group whilst exploring the diverse and on trend style. Children can look ahead to taking medal tests, a fun and enjoyable way to show off what they have learnt over a term twice a year and be rewarded with a medal or trophy!

Street Dance is an umbrella term for a variety of new dance styles including, but not limited to; locking & popping, hiphop and b-boy breaking.

Classes are organised according to age and ability: Beginner - approx age 4-6, Junior - approx age 6-8 Intermediate - approx age 8-11yrs Senior - approx age 11-15 Elite - approx age 12+ (entry to this class is solely at the discretion of the teacher and is based on ability)

We are proud to say that Colours of Dance students have an extremely high pass rate in Streetdance Medal Tests.

Medal Tests can be undertaken at a variety of levels, appropriate to the ability and experience of the child, and it is normal to have children of different levels and experience in the same weekly class. The teacher will manage the challenge or standard of output required of each child on an individual basis within the class context. This makes for a lovely class dynamic, as peer-friendships can be maintained, even while skill levels within a peer-group might differ.

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