Tap Dance

Children's Tap

Classes start from Tiny Tots Tap (ages 4-5) and students may progress through to Advanced, following the ISTD syllabus and exam structure. This is a style for those who want to explore rhythm and movement through the body whilst also focusing on mobility of the feet and ankles to create the different sounds. And you are encouraged to make a lot of noise!

During the Summer and Autumn Terms for those who are ready students can progress to the next grade by preparing for an exam. Examinations ensure that their sense of performance style and technique is progressing against the standards set by the ISTD. These exams are a fantastic opportunity for children to set a goal for themselves and then achieve it in a measurable way. Examinations will require attendance at additional special classes in the run up to the exam, and will be planned well in advance to allow time for preparing the application forms and booking an examiner. The exam day itself may be a weekday and absence requested from school.

We are proud to say that Colours of Dance students have an extremely high pass rate in Medal Tests and Exams.

Adult Tap

Introduction to Tap: Especially designed for adults who have never done tap before, this is a complete introductory course run over 10 weeks taking you through the basics of tap. You will be introduced to new and correct vocabulary, tap techniques and learn the skills necessary to continue in a general class setting. For those less confident this class could be repeated or be attended in addition to a beginners/general class.

All adult tap classes are loosely based around the ISTD method & framework by way of knowing what steps one should know at each level before progressing in a safe and suitable way. There are no set exercises or routines as classes are adapted by the teachers to suit the group.

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