Modern & Contemporary

These classes offer a new way to move and think. Students will be taught exercises to improve rhythm & timing, posture and coordination. Pupils will also be introduced to contemporary concepts & choreography, creating their own movements and sequences, and learn how to describe both simple and complex movements in suitable language.

Modern Classes: These classes incorporate the ISTD Modern Theatre Dance syllabus throughout and at every age, as this offers an excellent foundation for all modern and contemporary dance while young students are learning basic vocabulary of movement. Those students who are interested to do so and judged ready by their teacher will be offered the opportunity to take the exam for their grade during the Summer or Autumn Terms.

We are proud to say that Colours of Dance students have an extremely high pass rate in Medal Tests and Exams.

Junior Contemporary Class: At this level, the classes become extended in length and complexity. Students are introduced to the fundamentals and performance skills of Cunningham, Release & Limon Techniques. Their choreographic skills, an essential part of contemporary dance will continue to be developed.

All children's contemporary dance classes are taught by a regular teacher, and we are also lucky to be able to call upon visiting and guest professionals (choreographers and dancers) from time to time to offer special workshops, or who can attend a normal lesson to work with the children for a special one-off class.

Adult Classes Our Contemporary dance class for adults is an hour long class led by Contemporary teacher and Choreographer Lucy McMahon. Starting with a warm up and based around termly themes, Lucy will develop ideas and movements within the group that allow a wide range of abilities the chance to create and dance together. Contemporary dance is incredibly accessible and inclusive and in the lovely atmosphere that Lucy creates with her groups, everyone can explore this ever changing and progressing dance genre.

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