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Grade 3 Ballet RAD Exam Preparation - Invitation Only

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Grade 3 Ballet RAD Exam Preparation - Invitation Only with lessons on:

  • Mon at 6:15 PM run by Colours of Dance - Miss Imogen at Cambridge Dance Studios Studio 3

Attendance at this class is by invitation from the Principal only - and runs only during exam terms (Summer & Autumn)

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Terms and Conditions

Updated 9 June 2021

In the following text "I", "me" and "my" refers to the person who filled out the exam application form, and the term ‘exam’ relates to various categories of Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Examination, (Class Award, Solo Performance Award or Examination), the specific details of which relate to me/my child as detailed in the Exam Invitation letter I have received by email.

I hereby express my wish to apply for myself/my child (Named below) to be entered for the Exam about which I have received an Exam Invitation email detailing the process, preparations lessons, dates and deadlines.

I have read and agree to be bound to the following terms and conditions as indicated by completing this application form via the Colours of Dance web site:

  1. I would like to enter the Candidate named below for the exam on the date specified on the invitation I have received via email.
  2. I agree to the exam fees and associated costs as detailed in the Exam Invitation to be added to my Colours of Dance online basket.
  3. I understand that on receipt of this form, costs will be incurred on my/my child's behalf to arrange the exam and that Colours of Dance will make non-refundable exam-fee payments on my behalf and I agree to reimburse Colours of Dance in full upon receipt of the costs being placed in my CoD Account/Basket. 
  4. I understand that if I have not paid the exam fees by the date at which CoD is required to make this payment to the RAD on my behalf (usually 1 week after the form deadline), my child may not be entered for the exam.
  5. I understand that if additional preparation classes are required for Exam entry as detailed in the Exam Invitation email I hereby agree to ensure my/my child’s attendance at all of these.
  6. I understand that I/my child may be withdrawn by Colours of Dance from the Exam if he/she misses more than 2 lessons during the term of the exam and is thus deemed not ready by their teacher and/or the Principal
  7. I understand that if I/my child cannot attend class for any reason, I must advise his/her teacher in advance and arrange a make-up session.
  8. I understand that I/my child should be able to find a little time at home each week to practice. I will help my child in this.
  9. I understand that I must ensure that I/my child has the correct uniform for the exam no later than Half Term.  I understand that I/my child must normally wear the Colours of Dance uniform as specified on the Colours of Dance website and which is the normal wear for all classes, both during the preparation classes and for the exam itself.  I understand that from time to time a variance from the uniform may be required, and that if relevant this is specified in the exam invitation email, so that I/my child have time to prepare/purchase/practice with the different item.
  10. I consent to allow Colours of Dance to share such personal data as may be necessary for the processing of this exam entry with the RAD and understand that Colours of Dance and the RAD will abide by data processing regulations in the handling and protection of my personal data.  
  11. If my/my child's exam is to be submitted by video/filmed entry, I understand that by completing this form I consent to the video sharing agreement in place between Colours of Dance and the Royal Academy of Dance, as shared with me by email.
  12. I understand that should additional special (medical) information be required to shared with the RAD, I will be advised and informed by the Principal, and I will be asked to review and sign additional documentation to confirm that I have agreed to share this data with the RAD for the purposes of participation in the exam.
  13. I understand that should my/my child's needs be such that the teacher and/or Principal feel that it is necessary to submit an Application for Reasonable Adjustment, I will be asked to be involved in the preparation of this document and that I will be asked to sign and a hard copy of the completed application to confirm my consent.  I understand that the form may be submitted digitally and I consent to this. I understand that I may ask to receive a copy of the signed and completed form.  
  14. I consent to allow Colours of Dance to retain a record of my/my child’s Exam results in due course as part of their school achievement records. I understand that at any time in the future I may ask Colours of Dance to anonymise my/my child’s exam result data should I wish it.
  15. I understand that exam fees are non-refundable except in the case of sickness, for which the RAD will require a medical certificate before condidering whether they will process a refund of the exam fees.
  16. In exceptional circumstances I understand that should it be necessary to withdraw the candidate from the exam, I may be entitled to a refund of a portion of exam preparation classes and associated costs that I have paid, and this will be arranged at the discretion of the Principal.

By clicking 'Accept Invitation' on this form, I am confirming that I have read, understood and agree to abide by the the terms above and instruct Colours of Dance to process the exam application of the candidate named below.