Colours of Dance Pricing for Grade 1 Ballet

Payment options are as follows:

  • Please contact the Colours of Dance Office to find out more about the pricing for this class

Changes from September 2014

Please note that from September 2014, late payers will be charged penelty fees. Please look for the "penelty fee" clause in the new terms and conditions of registration.

General Payment Options

  • New registrants are entitled one lesson to try the class. Simply register for the class and turn up!
  • Children's classes are payable by term. You will be paying to reserve a place on these very popular classes for the whole term, and therefore payment must be made before the 2nd class attended in full
  • Termly class prices are worked out using a set hourly rate calculated over the year and divided by three (for the three terms of the year). This is for the convenience of the bill payer and may result in a different per-class amount from one term to the next.
  • Evening/adult classes may be paid per class, depending on the class. Please contact the office to find out details
  • Classes taught by external teachers are priced seperately
  • Students (or parents) who have difficulty paying for classes must speak to the Colours of Dance staff or the teacher before payment is due (usually the 2nd class attended) to avoid the student being excluded from the class. Teachers are equiped with an interactive register with up to the minute information on payments made