"Our daughter had tried ballet before at another school, but was put off dance altogether by the teaching approach. However, a few years later we convinced her to try again and once she had attended a trial lesson at Colours of Dance her love of dance came flooding back - she knew it could be fun and could work towards achievement at her own pace. She's been dancing with the school now for 6 years and has extended the number and variety of lessons.

Our other children all started at Colours of Dance as soon as they were able, and all of them enjoy the classes immensely. The school's ability to cater for, and teach our son with special needs helping him develop his coordination and improve self-esteem is fantastic!"


I was rather nervous and very self conscious to join the class, but very glad I did.  I was looking for an exercise class that would help with my balance and flexibility. My physio struggled to find the correct word when describing my balance...and simply said...your balance is pants! 

I have osteoporosis and osteoarthritis so my balance in particular is very important to help guard against falls.   Exercise classes that relied on floor work are a no-no as it is simply too painful to get up and down, and there are many bending exercises I should not do. So when Miss Imogen mentioned the Ballet Barre class, it sounded ideal.  I have the security of being able to hold the barre when I need it, this gives me confidence to try the balancing as I know I am close to the barre when I wobble.

AND....Miss Imogen makes it so much fun, the class is often in happy giggles, with lovely music to work too, interesting barre routines to exercise body and mind, and plenty of encouragement, even when I get something completely wrong!  Miss Imogen is very careful when explaining the routines and clearly very skilled and knowledgeable about the bones and muscles, as a student you feel very much in safe hands.

I have been doing the class for a few months now, and I have noticed I stand taller and more straight, my balance has improved greatly, which helps in every day life (dressing in particular). I feel fitter and I can see my shape changing..albeit slowly, it is encouraging.  I have notice some improvement to my level of pain, particularly my knees.  I don't find the classes easy as I have never done ballet, but don't let that put you off, it is broken down in to small stages, and it is very much worth persevering, and it is fun!

As Miss Imogen said yesterday, "imagine yourself in an ankle length white tulle dress, with tiny wings on your back, stand tall and dance"...who wouldn't want to give that a go?


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