Colours of Dance Special Events

Summer Programme 2017 - RAD Ballet & Character

27th July and 3rd August

10am-12pm: Grades 1-3 Ballet and Character (not syllabus) - £20 3rd August only

10am-12pm: Let's hear it for the Boys! (not syllabus, age 8-14) - £20 27th July only

12.30pm-2.30pm: Grade 4-6 Ballet & Character (not syllabus) - £20

3pm-5pm: Intermediate Foundation & Intermediate (not syllabus, includes Pointe work) - £20

For registration on all CoD workshops and classes or any further info, please contact the office or register online. If we find that a class/workshop is under-subscribed, we will cancel the class no later than 2 days before - so as many of you have requested events, we hope very much that you will get involved and support the programme - which we hope will now grow each year as need & interest requires. Every class/workshop requires a minimum of 5 participants to be viable.

Summer Programme 2017 - Expressive Dance for 3-5 yr olds

Tuesday 15th August, 2-3pm class (3-4yrs) and 3-4pm class (5-6yrs)

Thursday 17th August, 2-3pm class (3-4yrs) and 3-4pm class (5-6yrs)

The workshop takes a theme of "Dance and Nature" and will offer a variety of activities for children to explore the movements of nature. Such as the water cycle, the flow of the fire, the lightness of the air, the power of the earth and the movements of the animals.

We will use props and materials such as: using cotton to pretend be inside the clouds, roll over in bubble wrap to listen the sound of the rain, do the cycle of the plants with your body, pretend be animals through different sounds of musics. These are examplesof ways in which we can explore elements combining movement, music, and arts & craft encouraging creativity, creating curiosity, promoting body awareness and having lots of fun!

Please dress your child suitably for movement like leggings, track pants, t-shirts, gym shoes, ballet shoes, socks with grips, etc. Tie long hair out of their eyes, so that they can see and it doesn't get into another child's face either!

There will be different and progressive activities every day, but you may participate in one session only if you wish. Parents are invited for a final performance.

Summer Programme 2017 - Contemporary & Choreography

We are really delighted to announce a Contemporary based course this summer, for students aged 10-15 yrs old, on 8th to 10th August between 10am and 12 noon each day, with a performance at 12 on 10th August.

The theme for the course is ‘The Cambridge Heron’. Specifically this relates to the sprayed image that we are sure you have all seen in various places around the city, but it should also not be forgotten that real herons nest in the city too, just off Maids Causeway.

Course participants will spend Day 1 training with Lucy through warm up, step development and vocab familiarity, so that they and she can get to know each other as dancers and collaborators. They will also discuss the theme of the course and how that might be interpreted so they can all think about their own ideas, and return for day two buzzing. On Days 2 and 3, the group will create and develop a dance of their own to present to parents and friends at the end of day 3.

Anyone is welcome within the age-range. You do not need to have danced before and you do not have to be a CoD student. You just have to register in advance. We need a minimum of 5 participants for the course to go ahead, and students will need bare feet, dance clothes or tracksuit/shorts & t-shirt.

The workshop will be led by Lucy McMahon, who is a contemporary choreographer - a dance maker. Lucy is offering this short contemporary performance course this Summer before joining us as a Guest Artist working with our contemporary classes on Fridays.

The opportunity to work with a choreographer is special for any dancer at any age or stage, so I am really thrilled to have the opportunity for the school to develop a relationship with a local emerging talent.

We will confirm 2 days before the start of the course whether the course will go ahead. The cost is £45 per student.

To register, please contact Alice, and please feel free to invite friends or family that you may have staying with you that well!

2017 Summer Programme - Moving Up a Grade - new to ballet or modern grades or CoD?

A series of introductory classes for any student wishing to have a 'go slow' session in their grade. These are suitable for students keen to enter for an exam at Christmas who want to be sure of the syllabus settings or for those who have just taken an exam and want to get stuck into their new grade. Arranged for the end of this term and the start of next, students may sign up for either or both. These classes are also suitable for new students.

18th to 21st July and 29th Aug to 1st Sep (classes £6-£8)

Tuesday: RAD Primary: 4-5pm - Grade 2: 5-6pm - Grade 3: 6-7pm

Wednesday: RAD Grade 5: 5-6pm - Intermediate Foundation: 6-7pm

Thursday: RAD Grade 1: 5-6pm - Grade 4: 6-7pm - ISTD Modern Grade 5: 7-8pm

Friday: ISTD Modern Grade 1: 4-4.45pm - Grade 2 4.45-5.30pm - Grade 3: 5.30-6.30pm - Grade 4: 6.30-7.30pm

Summer Programme 2017 - Pilates

Pilates Classes with Sally Parker: Tuesday 18th July and Thursday 20th July.

“Advanced Classical Mat Sequence” workshop with Sally Parker: Tuesday 25th July (2h). £20 to pay directly to the teacher or in the office.

STOTT Pilates with Sophie Roberts, as follows:

Tuesday 25th (and 27th) July 10-11am

Tuesday 1st (and 3rd) August 10-11am

Tuesday 8th August 10-11am

Thursday 24th August 10-11am

Tuesday 30th August 10-11am

Special “Warm up” Pilates class with Sally Parker: Thursday 7th September (1h)

All 1 hour classes are £10 to pay directly to the teacher or in the office.

Summer Programme 2017 - Booking Details

To book, current students should log in and check the class they want to attend in the 'Summer Classes' Tab. For non-CoD students please contact the office on 01223 778268 to book your place.

The Royal Opera House Live Cinema Season

The live cinema season is back! You can watch some of the best live ballets at your local cinema
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