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Grade 1 Ballet at St John's College School

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Terms and Conditions

You must read and agree to the following terms and conditions in order to participate in class. Since all pupils must be registered under the same terms and coniditions, in registering the pupil above you are explicitly agreeing to these terms for all pupils registered under your account.

Terms and conditions must be re-read and re-completed each academic year, or as and when they change. You will be prompted to do this when necessary when you log in to your account on our web site.

Any questions about the Terms and Conditions should be addressed to the Principal.

Colours of Dance Class Terms of Participation

Relating to Students
  • To register for classes, the student or parent must complete an online or paper registration form in advance of the first class, for each student who wishes to attend one or more classes. Registration will create an account with Colours of Dance, which will contain details of classes, copies of notices, copies of these T&Cs, student, parent & medical details. Accounts are deleted when a student leaves the school and are password protected. The account also contains your 'basket' through which you pay for your fees online.
  • As a matter of professional respect and courtesy, Colours of Dance does not accept students currently studying with another teacher/dance school, except where the teacher requests it, or the parent has agreed with that teacher that they will attend both schools, as is occasionally suitable. We ask that Colours of Dance pupils wishing to attend dance classes in another school or under another teacher treat us with the same courtesy and speak to us before attending any other classes. This is also a matter of safeguarding, as we like to ensure that our pupils study under responsible, properly trained and registered teachers in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Students should be fit and healthy enough to attend dance classes - this is a physical activity! Please speak to the teacher about any physical issues before the start of class, however insignificant it may seem. For more complex/on-going issues, please discuss these with the Teacher or Principal and provide medical documentation as may be necessary. Once you become a student, you will have access to your own or child's record, in which you should record or update any relevant medical details.
  • Students should be comfortable learning in a group setting, where from time to time they will be arranged into smaller groups, pairs or solo. If there are any learning issues associated with your child, you should speak to the Principal before registering to discuss the issues and to ensure the group is suitable for the child. We enjoy working with all types of learning skills, but this is most successful when parents and teachers work together.
  • Students are not required to re-register each term or if they graduate to a new class - their registration will move with them.
  • If students or parents have any questions or concerns, they can speak to their teacher any time outside class, or to the Principal - it is often best to arrange an appointment to speak by phone or in person at a convenient time.
  • The teacher of each class will discuss the progress of individual students with students themselves or their parents on an ad hoc basis as they deem necessary, and may be approached at any time for further information.
  • If you are not able to come to class due to illness or emergency, please let your teacher know at the next lesson, or drop a quick email to the office.
  • If you know you will need to miss a class, please contact the office to let the teacher know, and where possible, to arrange a make-up class.
  • Communications regarding term dates, fees, watching week or anything else will normally be made by email. We try to keep these emails to a minimum and wherever possible these will be tailored to a group or series of individuals. From time to time, there will be a whole school communication you may feel does not relate to you, in which case please delete it! Copies of these emails may be found in your basket under the messages tab.
  • Fees are due by the first day of each term (or from the second lesson, where a student is new at the start or mid-term), and are payable in full for the whole/pro-rated term, unless a separate agreement is made with the Principal. Please note:
    • If class is missed due to absence of the student, there will be no refund
    • If class is cancelled, a make-up class will be offered at a later date or a refund will be given.
    • Current fees are posted on the Colours of Dance website.
    • Fees that are unpaid on the first day of term lose discounts and if they remain unpaid longer than 1 week, will be liable to a late payment charge equal to 10% of the fees.
    • Discounts are offered for 'early bird settlement' and between siblings and the parents within a family.
  • Students may be invited for examination or medal test by their teacher when they are ready. The readiness of students for examinations and tests is assessed jointly by the class teacher and the Principal and decisions made by them are final. Students are able to progress in all dance styles without examination. Please note that not all students in a class will be ready for examination at the same time.
  • To leave a class, please give at least one month's notice (approximately half a term). To give notice, please email, or speak in person or by phone. You may be billed for half a term's fees of the class you have left if you do not give notice and simply do not turn up to class.
Relating to Parents & Helpers:
  • Except for certain pre-school classes, parents do not attend the classes with their children and should be comfortable waiting outside in the waiting room. For younger children, this may require some adjustment and we will work with each child & parents to help ease this process.
  • Parents will be invited to regular 'watching weeks', usually (but not always) held at the end of the Autumn and Summer Terms, so that they may admire their children's progress and support their development and performance skills. 'Watching Weeks' are held at the discretion of the teachers and may vary from teacher to teacher & class to class.
  • All students under the age of 11 must be collected from the door/foyer of their classes, not from outside the building in which the classes are held. For students over the age of 12, if you arrange a pickup point with them that is outside the building, then this is your responsibility. If you know you will be late or delayed, please call us and we will keep your children with us until you arrive.
  • A wireless access point is supplied as a bonus benefit to Colours of Dance Students and Parents at the Studios. To keep our network safe and running smoothly, we have set up some limitations for use of this network, relating to images, content and duration of use. These will be given to you each time you log in. You will need your Colours of Dance email & pin no to login. Misuse is taken very seriously and may lead to a suspension of this service. For child protection reasons, students will not be supplied with their parents’ email and pin number to log into the network. If you wish your child to be able to login, you must supply them with this information.
Studio Use

Colours of Dance Studios offers space for waiting students and parents, changing facilities and public WiFi. Failure to meet the below terms and conditions may result in the offending person being asked to wait off the premises:

  • All children must be under the supervision of a responsible adult
  • Children must not climb on the furniture
  • All persons must be respectful that lessons take place and that excess noise is a distraction both for the teachers and the pupils trying to learn; we ask that all people therefore:
    • Do not congregate in the foyer area of the building outside the individual Studio doors
    • Do not make excessive noise while lessons are in progress
  • No nuts, and no popcorn are allowed in the building due to allergies of some of our pupils
  • Any mess created must be cleaned up by the person(s) responsible
  • Respect must be shown for Colours of Dance property, childrens toys, activities and books
Outreach facilities
  • Where you attend a class in a location that is not the Colours of Dance studios, we ask that you apply the same respect, care and rules above to waiting areas wherever they are. Colours of Dance will have signed letting conditions in these locations and these will involve us make commitments about respect for property on your behalf. These are available upon request. Failure to meet the standards of respectful use that we ask may result in the offending person being asked to wait off the premises.

Upon requesting a place in a class with Colours of Dance, you agree to abide by the above Terms & Conditions when you confirm your attendance and pay the term fees.

Use of photos

Photos of students in classes may be taken from time to time and used by Colours of Dance for marketing materials in a variety of media. The images will not be shared with third parties. Please tick here if you do not wish images of any student registered under your account to be used in this way.

Registration form terms

Filling in a registration form does not form a binding agreement between yourself and Colours of Dance. When we receive your application we will contact you with all details of the class, including cost and start/trial dates. By filling in this form you agree to Colours of Dance storing these details on a computer. We will not use this information for marketing purposes except to communicate with you regarding this class and to keep you informed of other classes or services offered by Colours of Dance. We shall not pass the information on to any other company except as required to run Colours of Dance.