A rapidly growing dance school in Cambridge, offering classes for all ages and abilities, in ballet, tap, streetdance, ballroom and other dance disciplines. Colours of Dance also offers 'Music & Movement' classes within private nursery schools in the South Cambridge area and Mum & Toddler's classes in its own studios.

Studio 1 @ Colours of Dance Studios, Cambridge

In launching new, purpose-built Cambridge Dance Studios, Colours of Dance is able to broaden the range of classes offered to pupils current and new, through the recruitment of and cooperation with other teaching and dance professionals. Our new Dance Studios with be the central part of this expansion, but we are committed to maintaining classes in our current locations in Great Wilbraham and Fulbourn. Click on the location link above to see what classes are available near you.

At Colours of Dance, we love teaching dance around Cambridge to all ages, from 2 through to adult. We believe that all dance classes should be taught safely and professionally, and that they should be challenging, fun and creative. We love students who come once a week equally as much as those who would like to come more often and perhaps work towards exams.

If you don't see a class suitable or you or your child, then please do get in touch anyway, as we will start new classes within a 10 mile radius of Cambridge on request. We are also able to offer private coaching.

Please see the Teacher Bio for details of qualifications & experience.

For Ballet, for Modern Dance, for Fun, for Fitness and for All Ages!

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Private tuition - if you would like special coaching, please contact us.

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